Prague Public Transport

There are a lot of cheap ways to travel in Prague, which makes travelling really easy for tourists. There are 6 types of public transport you need to know to travel swiftly in Prague. 

Prague Metro

Metro is the most convenient and fastest way to travel around Prague. There are three metro lines to travel in the centre of prague. Metro runs from 4.30 am to midnight. So if you are having a late fun night, you might need to consider other transportation.

Prague Trams and buses

Trams and buses operate day and night with night services buses and trams which are dedicated to bring you anywhere at any time. Not only around the city centre of Prague do they travel, they can take you to the outer area of Prague.

Trains in Prague

The train system is integrated with the tram system, tourists can use the ticket for the tram to travel by train. However, the tickets are only valid within the area of Prague. If you’re travelling outside Prague, you will have to buy a ticket for it. 

Prague Ferry

If you are looking for a relaxing and unique experience, you can travel by ferry. While it might be only a short distance to walk to, this is a wonderful experience that I would recommend. 

Prague funicular

If you are looking to go up to Petrin Hill, the Funicular will be more than happy to take you. During summer times, there will be a lot of tourists waiting to take the tram, so be ready to queue for it.

Prices of transportation in Prague

The cheapest ticket costs 24 CZK which allows you to travel for 30 minutes. If your trip is slightly longer, you can get a ticket for 90 minutes travelling for 32CZK. There are also day tickets and 3-days tickets. If you are staying in Prague for a month or more and travel quite frequently, you can get the monthly, 3- months, or even annual pass. 

Please check the updated price here of the tickets before you travel.

Where to get public transport tickets in Prague?

You can get your tickets in yellow vending machines located at every metro station and at some of the bus stops and tram stations. It only accepts cash payments, so you will need some cash by your hand to buy the tickets.

Another way to get tickets is to send a text message to the number 90206. The code is different depending on your travel, which starts with DPT and add the select tariff (e.g. DPT 24). You can do it only by local sim card. 

You can also install an App, where you can check the timetables of the transport. Or you can check it through the transportation company.

Travelling to Coffice Prague

Coffice Prague is the first office for digital nomads were you can meet other travellers and work in a relaxing place. It is located in the centre of Prague with an excellent transportation network. You can get there by walk (if u are located in the city center), Metro, train and buses, whichever suits the best for you. 

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