According to Forbes magazine, Prague was the best city for digital nomads and freelancers in 2018. Here are the reasons why:

1- Relatively low cost of life

We are not going to compare the cost of living with asian cities, as in general, life in Asia is cheaper than in Europe. Prague is, comparing what you pay and what you get throughout the Europe, one of the best. 

We have to say that the price of rental apartments has been rising in the recent years, thanks to high demand and also growing number of airbnb apartments on the market. Still, if you compare it with other big cities, you can find decent prices and the apartments in the centre are usually in beautiful preserved historical buildings and that is worth to pay a bit more it if you want to enjoy what this city has to offer to the fullest.

2- Lots of coworkings and cafes to work from + Big community of freelancers

The number of coworking spaces in Prague is rising, everybody who is interested in this market at least a bit, knows that. According to JLL, there has been 43 Prague coworking centers in 2017 and the number is still growing. The largest concentration is in Prague 1, 5 and 7. 

Despite the steady increase in the number of coworking centers, many people still work in cafes, as the coworking centers do not suit them for any reason.


3- High speed wi-fi

Wi-Fi connection in Prague is fast and reliable, not to say that nowadays it is very hard to find any cafe or bar without Wi-Fi.

4- Transportation system and walkability

The transportation system in Prague is on a very high level. With metro, trams and buses you can get everywhere, they are very frequent and the price for using them is very good also. No need to have car in Prague. It is actually much better to use public transportation. It is cheaper, faster, you do not have to worry about anything, just hop on hop off, no need to look for a parking spot which can be a nightmare if you are in a citycentre or in a residential parking zones.

5- Safety

Czech republic was ranked as 7th safest country in the whole world in 2018 according to GPI (Global Peace Index). Also Prague, its capital city is ranked pretty high when it comes to safety, which makes it one of the best options (if not the best one) from all the digital nomads favorite places.

When it comes to solo female travelers/freelancers/women in general, if keeping in mind precautions as staying on busy streets at night and paying attention to the surroundings, no wandering in dark places, taking care of your belongings, there is pretty low chance of anything happening. 

6- Relatively good english

Most of the young people speak good level of english, as most of the kids start learning it pretty early at school. There is also pretty big community of foreigners in Prague and most of them speak english as well. Not speaking the language can be a problem if you need to deal with the government, there is not a big amount of workers speaking other language than czech. So if you need to deal with the bureaucracy, find some local who will translate for you and all your problems will be gone.

7- Central europe location

Czech republic and Prague especially is a perfect location, if you want to settle somewhere for a while and make trips all over Europe for example. It is located in the Central Europe and Prague´s international airport offers flight connections to most of the big airports in Europe and also further and you can find very good deals.

Also the bus and train connection is great and especially the buses are pretty cheap and the distances are not so bad. There is a lot to choose from.

8- The beauty of the city 

The history and hand in hand beauty of the city makes Prague one of the most attractive ones in Europe. Anually, Prague is visited by more than 8 million of visitors. Many times it has become hard to enjoy the beauty of the centre, because of too many tourists. Once you stay a bit longer though and start to explore a bit further you realize that the city offers a lot of historical beautiful places and areas which are not so crowded and you will have more space and time to enjoy them and will see the city from different point of view.

9- Friendly people

If you like to socialize and meet new people you will realize that Prague, despite not the best reputation of czech people (unfair reputation according to our personal experience), is a perfect place for you. It offers something for every soul and we guarantee that you will also make friends pretty easily. What is more important than having a group of good friends around you.

10- Events, concerts, night life and art

Cultural life of Prague is very rich. There are events happening every day and night of the week, does not matter if it is sunday or friday. The impressive range of cultural happenings will make it difficult for you to attend all of them. If you stay long enough you will have enough time to visit all the galleries, museum, concerts, theater plays. The list is never ending.

So all we have to say to summarize the life in Prague is just come and enjoy it all.   

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