Coworking Prague: The best international and Czech websites for freelance jobs

Here is a list of international and Czech sites were you can try your skills

1- Upwork

Upwork is a platform with a huge database of people looking for and also offering jobs (about 1,5 million people). It is a place where everyone, from beginners to experienced freelancers, can find what they are looking for. There are offers for long term jobs, short term jobs, payd hourly, whatever you preffer. It is perfect website, either you are looking for a job or offering one. 

Extra thing is that Upwork makes sure that the users are protected from potential frauds. They put in place the policies of pushing for vigilance against potential fake employers or employees.

2- Toptal

Thanks to Toptal the recruitment process is much faster and companies find only top 3% talents from their fields here. The freelancers have to pass the screening process of the platform, which includes testing the freelancer´s level of  english, personality, knowledge and skills. After the company chooses the freelancer and they agree on working together, there is an up to 2 week trial period. Then the freelancer is paid either by the company that hired him or the Toptal, depending on the satisfaction of the company. 

3- Freelancer

The job posting on Freelancer is free, the payment is necessary only after the freelancer has accepted the job. This platform is a global marketplace used by more than 25 million people all over the world, so you can imagine that everyone finds what they are looking for there. 

The plus of this website is that the allows the employers to check on the hired people. They can make sure that they are working on a project as agreed .

4- Guru is a free and easy-to-use posting platform since the employers can post and search for straight from the homepage. The process of looking for and hiring a freelancer is very simple and fast. The both sides agree on a job, sign a deal and start working.

5- Peopleperhour

At nobody has to pay anything for job posting. Once the company finds the right freelancer and the job is done, the payment is done. It is a free market and the freelancers come from all over world. The team of is reviewing the applications of all the freelancers which want to sign up so the companies and employers are ensured that they will get a quality worker.

6- Freelance writing gigs

Freelance writing resources, jobs, gigs. The Freelance Writing Job Board on this website is updated daily with fresh freelance writing jobs and blogging jobs. From online writing jobs to part-time on-site jobs to internships. It is not only website where you can find writing jobs. The platform offers also resources for freelance writers, there is an updated list of websites that pay to writers. It is a website made by freelance writers for freelance writers.

7- Fiverr

Once you enter the website you can find the freelance services divided into 5 fields, like logo design, social media, voice over, translation and illustration but Fiverr offer all types of freelancers that there are. Or you simply write what are you looking for in a searchbar and you will all the specialists in a field and you can filter out more specifics until you find what you are looking for.


When you enter the website, first you have to choose if you are offering job or looking for one and register a new account. Once you are registered, you can choose the field you are interested in and find jobs that suit you the best. You can use 1 month free membership after that you have to choose payed one.


You can register as a company or an freelance expert and you get time limited premium account for free. You will be automatically transferred to the basic account option, which is for free, once your time for premium account is over. Once you do register a world full of opportunities opens for you. 

10- offers 12 categories of freelancing areas. This platform is for all kinds of freelancers, not only the IT freelancers, you can find numerologists, psychologists, stylists, musicians,etc. Once you register for a yearly fee, you can make your profile and promote your work.


There is no need of registration, just come and look for what you need. The website is a big marketplace  for everything relating web, hence the name. You can find a job, buy a website, win an auction or find look for information in forums.


There is no need of registration, just come and look for what you need. The website is a big marketplace  for everything relating web, hence the name. You can find a job, buy a website, win an auction or find look for information in forums.


Freelancers can register in this domain and companies or employers looking for a freelancers simply look for them by writing in a search bar what or who they need. Once they find someone, fill out the form on the website and they will get all the info needed for contacting the freelancer.

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