What to see in Prague

Visit the old town square to embrace the history

Old town square is located at the heart of the city, which is often visited by travellers. This spot has witnessed the history of Czech,  where execution of protestants happened here in the 17th century, and the coup happened here during the cold war. 

Be prepared for the crowded square when you climb the Old Town Hall or stroll around the Square.

Visit the Jewish Quarter

In the 13th century, Jews moved to this cramped area which has made this place so historical and special. However, due to the remodelling in the 19th century, some of the building is pulled down. Luckily some of the buildings are saved, which has become the best preserved Jewish monument in the whole of Europe. 

What to see in Prague. Coworking Space Coffice

Promenade at Charles Bridge

When you walk from Old Town to Lesser Quarter, you will cross through the Charles bridge. In the 14th century, people used eggs in this bridge to strengthen it. The monument is the oldest bridge in Prague. Enjoy the view of The Castle and Petrin Hill here!

Prague castle

Prague castle is the most popular place for tourists in Czech Republic. It is the world biggest castle complex! It is definitely worth a visit. Some parts of the castle are free of  charge. If you would like to visit the cathedral inside, you will need a ticket for that. There is this mysterious Golden Lane, which used to be inhabited by alchemists and Franz Kafka.

Prague Castle

Petrin Hill

With a lush garden and the wonderful view, it is popular with both travelers and locals. Petrin hill is located close to the Prague castle. You can either walk there or travel with a funicular. At the top of the Hill, you can see a miniature of the Eiffel tower and the church of St. Michael.

Watch a movie

There are a lot of independent cinemas in Prague, such as Aero or Atlas. If you had a tiring day walking around and still would like more experience which is more relaxing, this is best suited for you. For English movies, they will provide with Czech subtitles, see the details before you buy the tickets.

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