Cafe+Office = Coffice

The coworking boom continues. Technology evolution is unstoppable. How is it going to continue? 

According to Randstad workplace report, there will be 69% of freelance workers by 2025 meanwhile in 2012 it was 18%. This means only one thing, more and more coworking places/coffices all around the world.

If you like to work from shared offices but typical coworking spaces aren´t for you, you should try Coffice. 

How does it work

It´s simple. No need to pay high monthly fees. This is how you do it:

  • Come
  • Enter the reception, sign there
  • Pick your spot
  • Sit down and do your thing
  • Get something to drink meanwhile you work (ask in reception what is included with your reservation) 
  • Done? Go to reception, pay for the time spent there
  • You are free to go (don´t forget to come again)

Told you, easy.

Pros and cons of working in coffice

The main advantage is working as long as you want and with good wifi. No need to feel bad for taking the space in the cafe and drink one coffee 2 hours or keep changing cafes every hour.

No need to pay the whole month in advance. Want to work for 2 hours only, pay for 2 hours only. Plus unlimited amount of benefits for making your working life easier (conference room, skype room). Sounds like a good deal to me.

The luxury of having enough power outlets all over the place. Finding one in cafe sometimes feels like a treasure hunt.

Coffice or coworking space?

Are you also asking what is the difference between coffice and coworking space? NOT MUCH!!

It´s the same sh.. without having to subscribe and pay for the whole month. But probably the Coffice will be more social than a Coworking as there is more new people coming and going. 

So come to visit us, choose your favorite spot and enjoy while your work is being done.

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