Still more and more people are realizing the change of how and from where people work, the trend is set and nobody can do anything to stop it. The possibilities of choosing the workplace are growing and people can choose what suits them the best.

Is it Prague a good destination for Digital Nomads?

Prague became a place with a great community of locals and foreigners who come to the city because of the great labor demand that develops here and who work remotely.

The places to work chosen by the remote workers are:

  • HOME,
  • CAFE,

Working from home

This option is mostly chosen by solopreneurs or beginner freelancers. The biggest advantage of working from home is obvious – saving the money. Also if you are a night owl and like to work at night, this is the best option even though now some coworking places are opened 24/7 (but in fact, it is very rare to use it). Some people prefer working from home because they can not focus while surrounded by other people.

Working from home might sound as a perfect option but if it is like that, there will not be as many coworking spaces as there are now. The problem with long term working from home can be loss of productivity, lack of concentration, the feeling of separation (less social life). Also it is always better (for most of the people) not to mix working and living in one space. 

Photo credit: Dejan Krsmanovic

Working from a coffee shop in Prague

In the main capitals of the world (mainly the United States), certain cafes are adapting more and more to the new lifestyle. It is almost impossible to find a place which does not have Wi-Fi and it is more and more usual that the cafes  have enough plugs and amenities to be able to work.

The plus and the minus at the same time is the surprise factor in the coffee places. Most of the people who come to the cafe is not to work, it is to meet other people, talk and have a good time. It means that you never know which kind of environment you find there. In one moment it can be a perfect place for your work, in another a loud group of people can enter and your concentration is gone. 

Another unconscious problem with cafes is “how much should I consume to occupy a table during certain amount of time”. There is a sense of guilt that is generated by not having a specific amount of time of stay. It probably happened to most of the people working from cafes, sometimes this kind of situation makes you feel uncomfortable, or the employees can make you feel uncomfortable. So, at the end the person loses concentration, can not finish its tasks or ends up spending more money than usual.

Working from a Coworking Space in Prague

The trend to work in the coworking spaces is global. There were 14,411 coworking spaces worldwide in 2017 and the forecast says that the number will grow to more than 30 000 in 2022. 
It is also estimated that the number of people using them will grow to 3.8 million by 2020 and to 5.1 million by 2022. 

Coworking, like other flexible workspaces, offers a work environment that promotes innovation, collaboration and creativity. No only solo freelancers but also large companies are increasingly trying to offer the opportunity to work in a coworking space to attract and retain talented new employees – while a significant number of those who have the opportunity to work from home or cafe prefer work in a coworking space.

In the coworking center, you can not only have direct access to other members who work here, but you can also use their network of colleagues and affiliated organizations. This strengthens the traditional networking process and makes it much more comfortable and simpler.

While this business model is interesting, there is a niche market that is not completely satisfied. After all, many people who are frequently visiting only one coworking space (monthly subscription) feel the boredom and frustration after a while.

The conclusion

Mentioned the negative and positive aspects of working at home, coworking or coffee, we will describe what we are developing in our space in Prague: Coffice.

Here we break this subconscious conflict, since the client pays for time of stay and does not have any type of commitment, no need for any type of subscription.

In compensation for the payment of that time, customers get a table with comfortable chair, an electricity available for every table and a quiet environment to work and on the other hand a constant flow of people who will give the day the extra value that we already described. Oh, and for saving huge monthly amount of money.. FREE UNLIMITED COFFEE!!

Offices are boring. Cafes are nice. Coworking spaces are cool. But the coffice has it all.

Do you want to know more about Coffice or try out a Free Day?

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