Corporate Coworking: A great deal for large and small companies

Coworking Passes for Teams: How Businesses Can Take Advantage of Corporate Coworking Offices spaces

It is clear, COVID-19 has changed our lives and companies do not escape this reality.

Despite the fact that many people are looking forward to a return to the office every day of the week (or at least a few days), many CEOs are reconsidering the need and unnecessary costs of long-term leases and the Corporate Coworking offer is a perfect alternative. 

To explain the work environment issues posed by COVID-19, companies both large and small are looking for flexible workspace options, for example coworking spaces, to satisfy their employees, thus giving a choice in contrast to telecommuting.

While working from home seems like a short-term solution to safety, it is not always beneficial in terms of productivity. For this reason, companies that care about the well-being of their team (and also of the venture), have adjusted their activities to incorporate coworking spaces, offering the option of working remotely part of the time or working from a common office that is near your home.

COVID was just a sign, the change will be even more profound.

The year 2020 has put the traditional office system in checkmate. The hasty “decentralization” of offices, together with the required building changes in their workspaces has demanded an extra use of resources, not only economic but also human, to be able to face this emergency. It is clear that it has been one of the clearest aspects that have negatively modified the work plans of most companies, regardless of size.

On the other hand, as every crisis generates a lesson, this example must be taken to assess what the future of office spaces will be in the upcoming years. In this case, COVID was simply a signal that invites us to discover a much deeper change in the culture and future of work.

Although it was the trigger, it is not correct to attribute to the pandemic all the responsibility for the changes that are approaching in the culture of work.

For some years now, going to work in an office has become for many a symbol of loss of freedom. Globalization and the internet have changed our lives, and it is no secret that it will continue to do so more quickly.

Many workers feel happier working from home, but also many times after a certain period of time this affects productivity and generates the need to interact daily with other people. For this reason, companies that offer corporate coworking passes not only achieve long-term financial savings but also generate a greater sense of well-being in their team, which translates into greater productivity and less need to find a new job in another company.

Reasons for companies to choose coworking spaces.

Although coworking spaces allow great savings compared to traditional leasing, the advantages it offers are even broader

Corporate Coworking presents infinite possibilities for networking and cooperation. By being part of coworking spaces, companies have better access to talents and innovators since it allows them to generate new partnerships and thus obtain greater benefits.

Therefore, employees not only have more freedom, but can also generate new ideas by interacting with people working on other projects. That allows professionals to gain a broader perspective on their project, expand their minds, and bring new ideas to the team.

In short, coworking spaces are a more exciting and inspiring alternative to conventional offices and are a new source of energy not only for freelancers and startups, but also for large companies. Freelancers, startups and companies share a common space in which the possibilities for collaboration and growth are endless. They are also a great solution for companies that are constantly looking for new employees and vice versa.

Finally, because coworking spaces have the main objective of creating communities, the events held by them for this purpose are an excellent opportunity for everyone to grow.

Corporate Coworking Passes: An Innovative Answer for Smart Companies

Offering a flexible corporate coworking pass is a financially smart solution

For companies that need to offer their groups an advantage such as cooperative access, acquiring corporate coworking passes is a much smarter option than paying monthly for a coworking space that maybe your employees only attend a few days a month.

With our Coworking passes, it is possible to acquire “credit” so that your workers can take advantage of them at any time they want. These can also be used to make use of other areas of the space such as the meeting room, printer or event space.

Additionally, companies can facilitate a superior work structure for their staff that empowers coordinated face-to-face effort.

In addition to the cost-productivity benefit, companies can benefit from the variety of solutions offered by the coworking pass since in this way they do not have to worry about renting conventional offices, which generate a much higher economic cost, on the one hand, and the need to invest time in finding the right place, signing contracts and then verifying that everything works operationally within them.

Event and after-office space

At Coffice Prague, one of our main goals is to strengthen the friendship between all visitors. That is why different types of events are organized weekly, from language exchanges, workshops, live music, movie nights and even dance classes.

It has become for many people a meeting place after work hours. Either to attend one of the events or simply to meet friends enjoying our bar.

With the Coffice Coworking Pass, all members will have the possibility to access our facilities after working hours without using credits and participate in paid events for free.

Company meetings or end-of-year parties.

Companies that wish to be part of our Corporate Coworking Pass will automatically access a 20% discount on the rental of our space for events. We have a large area of 150 m2 and capacity for 55 people, with a bar available and a garden with a grill.

More information about Coffice Prague

Coffice is a Coworking Space in Prague located in one of the most noble and convenient areas of Vinohrady.

We are just 100 meters from Namesti Miru, an area with great accessibility from different parts of Prague.

Our space occupies a total area of 250 square meters and is composed of:

  • Private office, with capacity for 6 people.
  • Meeting room, with capacity for 10 people. Includes flipchart, board and use of projector.
  • Great workspace and after-office events. Capacity for 55 people, with bar and small stage.
  • Garden
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