Are you searching for a venue in Prague which offers the best birthday party bar options?

Lucky day, you just arrived at the right place!

Why are we an Ideal Birthday Party Bar?

At Coffice, we understand it is not always easy to find the right bar or restaurant in Prague which satisfies your needs. Some places don’t accept big groups, some others ask for crazy rent prices. But we don’t! 
Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large party, we offer the perfect setting to create your ideal night. 


Food: Argentinian empanadas and chipas (meat, vegetarian and vegan options).
Sweet: Argentinian alfajores. 
– Possibility to arrange live music or show of your preference.

(If you would like something different, just let us know). 

Event Space for a Private Celebration in Prague

Our options for birthday celebrations are not only for small groups but also for large ones.

We offer as an option to use the whole space if you need to organise a private event.


– MAIN ROOM: it is were the bar is located, with plenty of sitting options. a piano, sound system and projector. 

– READING ROOM: perfect for small celebrations. 

– GALLERY ROOM: this room is also perfect for small celebrations and it has a second piano on it. 

– GARDEN: a beautiful terrace with tables and plenty of space to seat. 


If you want to see photos or our space, place check i there: GALLERY

Extensive Cocktail Menu with Premium Spirits

One of Coffice highlights is the great variety of Cocktails prepared with good quality spirits.
Whether you prefer a classic favorite or an innovative creation for your special day, we got you covered
. Our rockstars are Kiwi Caipirinha and Espresso Martini besides the more than 20 options we have.

Check out our menu here: MENU

Food: Argentinian Menu with Vegan/Vegetarian options.

Argentinian empanadas are tasty pastries filled with mouthwatering ingredients. They’re like flavor-packed pockets of goodness! These savory treats are super popular in every restaurant in Argentina (and for a good reason). You can snack on them, or even make a meal out of them. And don’t forget to dip them in chimichurri sauce for an extra burst of flavor! Trust us, you and your people will be delighted with our empanadas.


Criolla: Beef, white onions, spring onions, olives, and Argentinian spices. 

Angus: Sliced Angus beef, white onion, spring onion, olives, and Argentinian spices. 

Arrabalera: Grilled chicken, caramelized onion, Philadelphia cheese, and gorgonzola. 

Ham and Cheese: Ham, green onion, olive oil, gouda Philadelphia cheese. 


Criolla Vegana: Soy, smoked paprika, soy sauce, roasted onion, green olives, green onion, and Argentinian spices. 

Hongos: Mushrooms, white onion, shallots, garlic, thyme, vegan bechamel sauce, chives, tomato confit, and white wine. 


Queso: Mozzarella, Emmental, and gouda cheese, caramelized onions, fresh tomatoes, olives, fresh oregano, and Argentinian spices.

Argentinian alfajores are traditional sweets originating from Argentina. They consist of two soft and fluffy cookies sandwiched together with a delicious dulce de leche filling and coated in chocolate.

Each empanada weighs approximately. You can check our menu here: MENU

Bar/Event space for Big Groups in Prague

As we mentioned before, to make your celebration (not only birthdays) even more attractive, we offer exclusive discounts for big groups. Once you send us the details (date, number of people and any detail you consider relevant) we will prepare a special offer for you. 

When it comes to celebrating your birthday or company event in Prague, our Coffice is definitely a great option. Not only for what it was described before, but also for our friendly staff. 

If you are interested on hearing our offer, please fill the form our contact us via Phone/WhatsApp +420 774 890 273